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Spiritual Disciplines for Daily Life Part 09

Posted on August 16, 2018 at 11:10 AM

When we look at the discipline of serving, the primary focus of this discipline is ministering to people within the local church. But what about those who are not yet part of the family of God through Jesus Christ? Do we have a discipline that collectively ministers to those who have not yet believed? I am glad you asked.

The fourth corporate discipline for us to practice is the discipline of sharing. Matthew 28:18-20 commissions all disciples for all time to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them wherever they go and make disciples of all peoples that we meet. Acts 1:8 calls for all disciples to serve as a witness for Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. As each of us takes that charge seriously and begins to live that charge out personally, we will practice the work of sharing the Gospel collectively as well.

The call for the believer is not simply to get people to pray the Sinner's Prayer, but rather to witness about who Christ is and what he has done and then to assist the new convert in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as they grow up as his disciple. The main tool that God has provided for this assistance is the local church.

As a local church we offer a number of opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ. We practice the discipline of sharing through teaching the Gospel to others. We practice the discipline of sharing through community outreach. We practice the discipline of sharing through invitations to the neighborhood regarding Gospel centered events. We practice the discipline of sharing through personal evangelism training.

Each of us is called to share and each of us has a responsibility to discover how we can practice the discipline of sharing through our local church. Finding one area that you can share in is crucial to growing in your personal sharing. Additionally, as you share through your local church you are pulling your weight in the evangelistic load that we carry together and lighten the burden that each of us has to carry.

Do not neglect to share. Be a faithful witness as you discipline yourself to share as part of the local church.

God bless

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