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A Guide to Growing in Jesus

A Guide to Growing in Jesus is our 2021 Online Bible Study. Over the course of this year we will learn the basics of the Christian faith, develop good spiritual disciplines for our daily lives, and discover how to study the Bible. These weekly Zoom meetings are a great way to interact, share, and learn together. Download a copy of the work book and join us Sunday's at 9:45 AM by clicking the link above.


New Testament Survey

Download the Notes Packages and then follow along with the video playlist as United Baptist Church takes a survey of the New Testament!!!

Video Studies

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Additional Resources

United Baptist Church is committed to the faithful study and teaching of the Scriptures.  As a result, we have produced a number of studies that are beneficial to our membership and to others.  These are all free to download and you are welcome to use them in your personal study or ministry.  Please do not take credit for work you did not produce and always give credit where credit is due.

A Study in Fasting

This three session study on the discipline of fasting looks at some of the relevant questions surrounding fasting for the believer today.  This study will examine fasting in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Then the series finishes with a look at what role if any fasting should play in the life of the believer and the church today.

Understanding the Church

This three session study examines the work and role of the local church from the Southern Baptist Perspective.  These Baptist distinctives serve to illustrate just what make Southern Baptist Church similar yet different to many other Baptist and Christian churches.  While being a Baptist does not make you any more saved or any more righteous, this study does focus on the need to recognize what truly makes us different in our life and work as faithful followers of the Lord Jesus.  This download contains both the leader and learn guide making this an excellent resource for personal or group study.  This material also integrates with the video series by the same name.  This video series can be found HERE

Understanding Bible Study

The Bible is the greatest work that has ever been written.  The Bible was the first book ever brought forth on a printing press and is the worldwide best seller every year.  Yet many people seem at a loss when it comes to the faithful practice of studying the Scriptures and discovering the life changing truths that are contained within.  This study assists the learner in developing the skills and the tools necessary for a long term and fruitful relationship with the Bible.  This study contains both the Leader and Learner Guide making this an excellent resource for both personal and group study.

How to Become a Christian?

This step by step guide offers a clear and simple presentation of the Gospel for children, teenagers, and adults alike.  Originally developed by Pastor Craig Waters and updated by Felicity Boepple, this has proven a valuable tool in sharing the life changing message of the Lord Jesus Christ with people of all ages.

How to Become a Christian PDF

How to Become a Christian PowerPoint